At SummerSession.com we know that families are often looking at Boarding Schools for a longer period of time than just for the Summer. It is during these times when we recommend the use of a professional counselor to help guide you through the process. Often times a counselor can simply recommend a few schools for you based on your needs or a location, while at other times there is some in-depth knowledge and placement advice needed. In these latter times, we recommend the services of Arlen Global Advisors, one of the leading advising groups for students, parents and even larger institutions such as Schools and Governments. ArlenAdvisors.com

Arlen’s ability to assist families, agents and consulting professionals with Boarding School placements is at the core of its history and operation. They take pride in having intimate knowledge of a vast array of Schools across the globe. While most advising services are able to give you a School’s academic strengths, athletic programmes, and arts offerings, it’s Arlen’s unique ability to penetrate the inner workings of a school that gives you the advantage. They inform you of each School’s actual composition, achievements, faculty, and pedagogy, while also discerning whether a child will be both successful and happy in a particular setting.

Arlen’s thirty years of continual visits, inspections, interviews and detailed scrutiny allow us valuable insight into the most intrinsic details of each School. As a totally independent company, they supply their clients with unbiased and unambiguous observations of the frame and tenor of the institution. This is key in creating the ideal match of student and School.

Placement services are handled as uniquely as their clients. Each placement begins with a consultation which can be facilitated by phone, Skype, in person, or in the country where the client is located. From there they progress to identifying the needs of the student, and how those can best be met. They firmly believe that each discussion, client, and desired outcome is distinct, which is why Arlen Advisors furnishes you with exceptional services and distinctive results.

These services are individualized to your most particular needs. From accompanying the student and/ or family to campuses, to locating rinks, stables, playing fields, tutors, airstrips and yacht slips, our reach and resources are limitless. Arlen Advisors is peerless in their ability to accommodate client demands. They welcome the opportunity to serve you, as well as support your every need throughout this markedly important process.

You can reach them directly by clicking on their website: ArlenAdvisors.com or sending them an email at: TheExperts@arlenadvisors.com

1770 Orange Avenue
Costa Mesa, California 92627
Phone: 949.270.6046
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